Too Many Calls to Handle?
Too Many Calls to Handle?

With our cloud-based multi-channel contact center platform, SSP can easily be positioned as an extended part of your customer service team. Activated only when you need. We can help manage your overflow calls or take away your staff’s workload where it makes sense. We have on standby a remote team of trained Customer Service Agents (CSAs) who can be deployed as and when you need us. No fixed payroll costs. No workstation issues. No hiring hassle.

Too much work to do?
Too much work to do?

As part of our business process outsourcing (BPO) portfolio, SSP can take on many of the non-core tasks that your staff perform today e.g. data entry, document screening, transcription, identification verification. Our trained and remotely located CSAs can be an integral part of your workflow process and be made available at short notice. With our output-driven pricing model, you have the option to use our CSAs only when you need and pay us only when we deliver. Win-win proposition that no one can argue with.

Cannot hire fast enough?
Cannot hire fast enough?

SSP believes in the benefits of job sharing & flexible work arrangements for our CSAs. As such, we attract a diverse and mature pool of customer service talent; giving us a competitive advantage that only SSP can offer to our clients. When you add in our enterprise-grade, cloud-based interaction platform which allows our CSAs to work almost anywhere in Singapore, your options for building such your core team increase significantly. Many of our CSAs have years of professional training and work experience that are relevant and useful not only to your needs but to your customers’ needs as well. We can help you fill the missing talent gaps in your core team and have these CSAs support your business in a way that suits you best. Talent on tap. Anytime. Anywhere.


Flexible outcome- or time-based pricing options to suit every business scenario

Manpower resources trained to respond to specific needs of clients

Enterprise-grade contact management platform with full quality control & performance handling tools

Experienced & field proven executive management team

Business model built on stringent professional standards and underpinned by a compelling social mission


Our Customer Service Agents (CSAs) are specially selected & trained to work in a contact center.  Our job on-boarding programme has been widely recognized & it led SG Enable to name SSP as one of 2019’s Best Newcomers under its Enabling Employers awards scheme.  The journey starts with a 35-hour certificated course conducted by a leading polytechnic to ground them on core IT & customer handling skills. Then supervised on-job training (OJT) at our Toa Payoh center where experienced supervisors provide hands-on coaching

Finally, familiarization training on specific content or workflow processes that relate to the assigned client’s business.  This comprehensive system ensures our CSAs work as an indispensable part of our clients’ workforce!


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